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In 2019, Drew co-founded Skinhunger Productions with Maili Knox, who co-directs alongside him. With just the two of them as crew, they have received multiple awards and nominations at the 72 Film Fest.


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Drew Larsen is an actor, filmmaker, and photographer based out of Brooklyn, originally from Frederick, MD. Feeling unfulfilled by his academic studies in college, Drew felt the overwhelming urge to express himself creatively. What better way for a socially anxious person to do that than to dive into acting, right? So that's what he did. Between college breaks, Drew began acting in short films, and he fell in love as his confidence grew. After graduating with a degree he knew he would never use, Drew began taking acting classes all over the DMV, with a focus on the Meisner Technique. While he is primarily interested in film acting, Drew has enjoyed dipping his toes into the theatre world more recently.


While acting on film sets, Drew found himself drawn to the creative work of the crew members around him. So he dove into that too. And fell equally in love. Since beginning his filmmaking/acting journey in 2017, Drew has acquired a wide range of crew experience (seriously, almost every department), making him a versatile crew member and an efficient director. Narratively, Drew enjoys working on dramatic films and dark comedies; and non-narratively, he loves to help projects focused on environmental and social justice causes.

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