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Between Raindrops - Capital Fringe (July, 2023)

"Drew Larsen, as both Theo the newsboy, who dreams of a life reviewing theater, and Sam, the besotted suitor of socialite Lia, is a standout in fleshing out characters that could have been mere avatars." - DC Theater Arts


Stranded - DC Arts Center (Nov, 2022)

"From the play’s opening minutes, it’s clear that these two couples have genuine chemistry. Within each pairing, the actors convincingly portray the tender love and care that exists for them...  The cast of Stranded is wonderfully charming. Each of the four castaways has a moment in the spotlight where their unique personality is on full display... each member of the cast brings something different that is undeniably compelling and perfectly complements the others." - DC Theater Arts

stranded Drew_edited.jpg
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